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Savvy Southeast Commercial Real Estate Investments

Essex Manor in Homewood, AL

For the right price at the right time, commercial real estate can be a wise investment—especially when Engel Realty Company is the guide.

As seen in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune and Money Magazines

In trendy cities like Dallas, Atlanta and Nashville, commercial properties are flying off the shelves at top dollar. But just outside those markets, in metro areas of several hundred thousand residents, is where the real deals are being captured.

That’s the wheelhouse of Engel Realty Company, a 110-year-old real estate firm with a track record of commercial properties throughout Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and other southeastern states.

“We won’t compete with large institutional investors that will pay inflated prices in major cities,” says President and CEO Bill Butler. “We’re looking for good, safe, comfortable deals. We don’t go in on a hope and a prayer.”

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