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For more than 100 years, Engel Realty Company has been a major player in the development of the Southeast and especially, Birmingham, Alabama. The development, ownership and management of office, retail, industrial and multifamily investment properties has been the Company’s focus and legacy. Another generation of real estate professionals, described herein, has accepted the responsibility of managing the Company into its second century of existence. It is our responsibility to serve our clients and partners by maximizing the profits and values of the their real estate investments. The management of a real estate investment portfolio valued at more than $250,000,000 demands the highest level of experience and competence and that is what the Engel Team brings to every property deal.

We know that the secret of Engel’s longevity has been its ability to adapt to a constantly changing business environment. We have successfully survived and prospered by maintaining a wide array of expertise in all types of investment real estate. We understand that real estate investment is a long term process and sometimes things do not always go as expected. However, the importance of stability and staying power through the worst of times cannot be overstated. Engel’s institutional character can be described simply as smart, tough and patient as personified by its team of professionals.

I am humbled but proud to accept the responsibility of leading the Engel investment team and continuing the extraordinary story of this venerable Company.

William A. Butler
President and CEO

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